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Two MBA degrees. Seven countries. Four continents. 19 months. Countless opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean that six schools work together to create the IMM program?

One of the IMM program’s advantages is that six leading schools pool their resources to provide a unique, global experience. Each of the partners (Purdue, Tias, FGV-Rio, MIP, ISM, and Tianjin) is responsible for any residencies at their school and also shares responsibility for some international residencies. Another feature is that each graduate earns a Purdue MBA and an MBA from Tias. The partner schools represent some of the most competitive elements of the global economy: the EU, the U.S., and emerging markets. Each school is a leading institution in its respective region.

What are the qualifications for admission to the program?

To apply to the program, the applicant must have:

  1. A bachelor’s degree and official transcripts
  2. Solid post-baccalaureate professional experience (minimum of five years of work experience)
  3. A completed online application, which includes essays
  4. Two recommendations
  5. A current professional resume

We target applicants in mid to senior levels in their company to ensure a strong foundation to learn not only from the faculty, but from peers as well. The TOEFL exam can be waived; English language proficiency can be established through a 30-minute discussion or standard test.

You will work closely with your enrolling school to ensure that your documents meet its and Purdue’s requirements.

When are applications due?

We accept applications throughout the year and students are admitted on a rolling basis. Please visit our Admissions page for updated application deadlines.

How much does the program cost? What does the cost cover?

The program costs USD 85,000/€75,000. This covers tuition, lodging during all the residencies, most meals, class materials, ebooks, company visits, networking/social events and more. Read more about fees here.

Payments may be spread out over five installments, about once every three months. The payment schedule is available from John Lewandowski (lewandow@purdue.edu) or Christel Donne (c.donne@tiasnimbas.edu).

Are scholarships available?

Scholarships are available, and those who apply early are given priority consideration. Please contact Executive Director of the Purdue EMBA Programs, Dr. Aldas Kriauciunas, at +1-765-496-1860 or akriauci@purdue.edu to discuss scholarships.

Is an interview required?

Yes, the schools require an interview which may be virtual or in-person. Interviews are conducted by the Purdue Executive MBA Programs team in West Lafayette, Indiana, U.S., in the Eastern Time Zone. Contact Executive Director Dr. Aldas Kriauciunas at akriauci@purdue.edu with questions about scheduling an interview.

Is it possible to visit a class in-session?

We always welcome applicants to visit the classroom, since seeing IMM in action is the best way to learn about the program. Often you will also have a chance to have a meal with the students and speak with them directly about their experiences. Please contact any of the partner schools for more information and to arrange a visit.

What happens after I apply? What is the timeline of admissions decisions?

After you submit your materials, the admissions office at Purdue EMBA Programs will confirm all items are in order. The materials are then provided to the Purdue University graduate school, the central admissions authority, since all graduates receive a Purdue MBA. It generally takes two weeks from when all materials are properly submitted for final approval. Any delays associated with the application process typically result from an incomplete application or from transcripts not adhering to the admissions requirements.

Do I need visas for sessions in each country, and what support do we get for obtaining visas?

The need for visas for the residencies varies by your citizenship. The Purdue EMBA Programs team can assist you in mapping out your visa needs. Contact IMM Global EMBA program manager John Lewandowski at lewandow@purdue.edu with visa questions.

What does the curriculum entail?

The curriculum covers the principles of management within a global context. Core classes include economics, accounting, analytics, finance, marketing, strategy, operations, leadership, negotiations, law, and organizational change. You also will complete a consulting assignment where you can integrate classroom learning with other knowledge to solve a business problem and thus gain insights for your client company. The residencies also include cultural immersion and visits to local companies to better understand business around the world. During visits to local organizations, you will meet with decision makers such as CEOs, managing directors, politicians, and international experts. These interactions help make the IMM one of the most international programs for executives.

Read more about the IMM curriculum here.

What is the format of the program?

The program begins each March with a mandatory week-long orientation at Purdue University. This is a chance to meet your peers in the program, start on coursework, engage in team-building, and receive your ebooks.

The faculty for each course provide a syllabus detailing all homework assignments for each module. Students complete these homework assignments per their own schedules—evenings and weekends—and send them to the professor electronically. This is expected to take about 15-20 hours per week, but students choose the time and still manage to complete work assignments for their company and have time for their families. Most of the assignments are team-based and executed by diverse student teams using various online technologies. For some classes, there are also team-based and class-based online discussions.

At the end of the module, all the students meet for a two-week residency at a partner school. During the residency, students engage in interactive classes, company visits, and social events including cultural immersion. After the residency, the students have a week to prepare for online final examinations. After exams, there is typically a one week break and a new module begins.

What are my fellow students like?

Recent incoming classes have had between 25 and 30 students. We strive to enroll cohorts that have a great variety of professional backgrounds. The work experience ranges from five years to almost 30 years, with an average of 13-16 years. They are all hard-working individuals, like you, who believe an Executive MBA will provide them with more, and more global, opportunities. Many have families and are also balancing work-home-school demands. Our students tend to be experienced decision-makers with current or expected responsibilities in the global arena. They manage people, lead teams, and run divisions or companies.

Will I be expected to work alone or will I be assigned to work with a group of my peers?

You will be assigned to work with a group of your peers. The groups will be changed each module to ensure that you have an opportunity to meet and work with a wide range of your colleagues. The groups are arranged by the Purdue program managers to be balanced by geographic region, industry background, and functional skills to allow for the development of innovative solutions to challenging problems. Some of the assignments are done individually and some are done in groups. The professor’s syllabus will always provide details on these points.

Where do classes meet and where do I stay while in-residence?

One of the great advantages of the program is that for each residency, classes meet in a new location. See the program calendar -- subject to change -- which includes residency locations.

Students have individual hotel rooms during residencies and almost always are within walking distance of the class locations. If walking is not possible, shuttle service is provided.

Do you offer career management opportunities?

The IMM program does offer career management opportunities. You will have access to a career counselor at Purdue University (and/or your admitting school) who is available by phone, email, or in-person to discuss career management ideas and direct you to appropriate resources. You also have access to the Purdue Career Wiki which is a comprehensive, online resource consisting of career guides, company/industry databases, and business news. You also will be able to undertake a self-assessment form, access company search tools, and attend an interactive business etiquette dinner. Students who are self-funded or find themselves between jobs are able to access additional resources.